ESPIONAGE keep an eye on your restaurant and staff.

If you are tired of your takings being down, uncertain about the quality of service your staff brought to your business, then call us....

The little magazine that makes a BIG difference :))

Happiness Magazine is a little magazine that makes a BIG difference! We launch in May! Support us and spread the word! www.happinessmagazine.co.uk www.thehappinessfoundation.co.uk www.happinessevents.co.uk...
war horse

National Theatre Live: Encore Screening National Theatre’s War Horse

The National Theatre’s original stage production of War Horse, broadcast from London’s West End to cinemas.War Horse Since its first performance at the National...
john bread

The Penny Bun Bake House, Lowestoft

John Spillings, owner of The Penny Bun is an artisan baker who trained at Lowestoft college and went on to work for Micheal Roux...
daisys logo

Gourmet Burgers in Lowestoft.

daisy menuDaisys Urban Farm Kitchen opened in 2013 and is situated in Station Square opposite the back of the Station. If you like run...

and our next interview is with… Howard Marks.

Howard is appearing at The Aquarium in Lowestoft on Saturday 26 April. Click on the link to see what else is happening there. www.aquariumlive.co.uk